Tips For Cooling The Bedroom On Hot Days

The peak heat season is around three months, which is May, June and July. There are times when the outdoor temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius. The sweltering air makes people feel stuffy. However, power and water outages occur frequently. Therefore, we need to be equipped with several ways to always cool our bedroom immediately.

Although staying indoors, I still feel the heat is “burning” around. Are you in this situation? So how to reduce the hot air without resorting to air conditioning? Let’s see some ways to cool the bedroom below.

The Wall Fan Is Not Good, Use A Standing Fan Instead

First, remember to use standing fans on hot days. Because the wall fan is lower, the air in the room will cool down more slowly. Using the stand fan will be convenient and help the air cooler in this case.

Turn Off Unnecessary Electrical Equipment

Turn off unnecessary devices to limit heat as all electrical equipment generates heat during operation. This can make the room temperature rise.

Close The Window, Let Go of The Blinds During The Day

To keep the room cool, you should close the windows during hot weather to reduce the absorption of room temperature. Combine using appropriate curtains to avoid the sun rays during the day.

You should not use curtains made of synthetic material as they often fade quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to use 2 layers of blinds as below to better regulate the light.

Put A Fan At A Window At Night

It is much cooler at night than in the morning. You can also place the fan towards the window to draw outside air. This is a useful way to make your bedroom significantly cooler.

Put Ice Tray In Front Of The Fan

If you do not have air conditioning, place an ice cube tray in front of the fan for quick cooling. Fans don’t cool the air, they only help you feel cooler as it enhances the air convection on your skin, helping to evaporate sweat to reduce body temperature. Even on hot days, the air in the house is hot, the fans still radiate heat. So when you place an ice cube tray in front of a fan, it will blow air through the ice and cool the air faster.

Turn On Exhaust Fans In The Kitchen And Bathroom

Many families often integrate bathroom and toilet design in the bedroom or position the bedroom adjacent to the kitchen. However, the air inside will condense and will certainly pollute adjacent rooms. The use of deodorant sprays and essential oils is only temporary.

Replacing incandescent lamps with energy-saving compact lamps produces less energy. Incandescent bulbs use quite a bit of energy to produce light. The amount of energy lost is also the money we waste.

Thermal Protection On Roofs With False Ceilings

Currently, the type of false ceiling especially foam insulation is a popular product widely used to combat the heat. Families today when starting to design their houses tend to pay much attention to construction materials as well as cooling solutions to obtain better living space.

Clean Up The Bed Neatly

When you wake up in the morning, you just need to take some time to tidy the mattress. Remember to close the curtains so that sunlight can kill bacteria accumulated in the room. Moreover, sunlight also helps your room become more airy and fragrant. Moisture-proof mattresses and blankets also make your bedroom cool.

Let’s Wrap Up

Above are some tips taboos that you need to know and stay away from so that you do not get caught up in the difficulties. Cooling your bedroom in the summertime is a necessary job to enjoy a better life.